Life's CLEAN!            Proud member of DLI and SEFA and LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce

  24 / 7 / 365 drop-off access to SOS Cleaners !

If it's a Sunday afternoon, or it happened at dinner at 8:27pm, or you're coming back into town from a long trip and you need to get your wardrobe ready for the week and the last thing you want to have to do is get up to go to the dry cleaners,


Place your garments into your SOS Cleaners Express Bag, stop by 311 Vernon Street on your way home, pull up to our convenient 24/7 Drop Box, enter the three digit code (123), turn the knob to the right and pull open the Drop Box, and drop your order off!  We will process your order first thing in the morning.

You can include a LIST of your garments, tell us WHEN you need the order, and any other SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS you feel we need   .

If you do not have one of our Express Bags, just ask for one on your next visit. OR if you can't wait, simply use any suitable bag to securely place your garments into, make sure you include your name, cell phone, email or any other way we can contact you to confirm your order and information.

We will contact you to confirm the order or to let you know when your order is ready to be picked up.

Available now at SOS Cleaners

We accept these

credit cards, as well

as cash,  checks

and debit cards.


Alterations and Mending*                         Laundered shirts and pants:

Bedspreads and Blankets                                 no-, lite-, medium, and heavy starch

Formals                                                     Hand Wash

Leathers and Suedes                                Odor Removal

Furs*                                                          Ozone generation

Wedding Gown Preservation*                    Fire Restoration                                       

Weekly Money-Saving "Specials"              Overalls & Coveralls

                        PROFESSIONALLY SPOT CLEAN ONLY



SOS Cleaners offers full-service dry cleaning and shirt & pants laundering.

("*" means this service is NOT done on premises.)