What IS the Ipura Difference?

1.  SOS Cleaner's  IPURA dry cleaning machine operates with mild organic solvents instead of  chemical

               treatments for stains and odors.

2.  The IPURA dry cleaning machine leaves garments without lint or causes 'pilling' by using a warm "air bath."

3.  SOS Cleaner's IPURA is safe for synthetic materials as well as natural fibers.

4.  The IPURA cleaning machine uses much less energy and leaves NO hazardous waste.

5.  SOS Cleaners installed our IPURA dry cleaning machine in order to contribute to a healthier community and

              work environment.

     In our global marketplace, we can enjoy fashions and styles from fabrics and fibers from around the world.  SOS Cleaners offers you a way to take care of  the clothing that you enjoy wearing so much!

     Laundering and dry cleaning technology has evolved over the years in response to customer's concerns about and sensitivities to chemicals and odors.  SOS Cleaners, a locally and family owned launderer/drycleaner in LaGrange, takes these concerns very seriously.  In July, 2009 we will install our IPURA dry cleaning machine - the greenest dry cleaning machine available.  With IPURA, your garments are not  immersed in strong cleaning solvents, resulting in virtually NO chemical odors.

     IPURA'S technology uses warm air to expand fibers.  Then a mist of mild organic solvent removes soils, dust and odors from between the fibers.  Rather than saturating your garments in solvents; compacting and stiffening the material, IPURA'S warm "air bath" leaves your garments lighter and fluffier, with no "pilling", lint or odors.

     This new technology uses less energy, leaves NO hazardous waste and contributes to a healthier working environment for the crew here at SOS Cleaners.  And IPURA is also healthier for our Chattahoochee Valley community-- it is an eco-friendly method of dry cleaning that many of our customers will appreciate.


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